Element 94 have a number of experts with a wealth of knowledge in IT solutions from across multiple industries. There is always an expert for whatever service you need.


Moving to the cloud can accelerate your business, allowing you to move with agility and confidence without breaking the bank.

From ground-to-cloud migration, providing infrastructure architecture or hybrid approaches, we can help you to design and implement solutions using Azure, AWS or Google Cloud whether you're using infrastructure-as-a-service (IaaS), platform-as-a-service (PaaS), using containers with Kubernetes or even serverless technologies.


Sometimes ideas need a little help to become a reality. Time to market pressures mean that sometimes there just isn't enough time to recruit new people and get them up to speed.

Element 94 are able to provide hands-on help in designing and implementing application solutions for any problem in a wide variety of technologies and languages from C# and Java to NodeJS and Swift. Our experts have a variety of industry experiences including retail, safety critical, rail, security, public sector and service industries.


Identifying the right kind of solution can be time consuming and difficult, but is worthwhile. The right solution will reduce your time to market, lower operational risks and simplifies the support and maintenance of your application. All important ingredients to your recipe to keep ahead of the competition.

You can deliver great services and build excellent products but in a highly competitive world, it's likely that someone else is doing the same or are just getting ready to do so. When you do something extraordinary, your competitors will take note - a sign that you're doing the right thing but with any competition, you need to stay ahead. Our consultants and their enthusiasm to help you succeed will inspire you to expand beyond your current success and help you to find ways to gain more by doing less.


The security of your product is key. Our cyber security specialists are here to help you manage your security needs. Our own teams are trained and educated on cyber security topics to ensure security is considered in all activities. Not only that, but our dedicated cyber security specialists are on hand to help train your teams too to help modern agile teams and stakeholders to maintain a 360 degree view of the risks and mitigations at each phase of your software development lifecycle, helping you to reduce the cost of security flaws.


Everybody wants to move faster, deliver more for less all while they keep their teams happy. For years, organisations have been searching for the magic formula to achieve this and as we all know, there is no silver bullet, but we do know that the way to succeed is with the right combination of people, process and tools which is backed by research conducted for the annual State of DevOps report.

Our tried and tested consultants can help you to navigate the waters on your way to becoming a DevOps high performer whether you're just starting your transformation or years into it. We understand that at its core, people are the key to success.


At the core of digital transformation is a strong automated test suite, providing you with fast feedback and minimising the risk of issues finding their way into production. Need help getting off the ground or building out your test framework? Our world-class automation engineers can help put your testing front and centre.

Our team of specialists follow a structured method for collaborative planning and development of tests. Test cases are carefully selected and executed across a number of platforms, providing an independent view and a deep insight into the readiness of applications, websites or mobile apps to go live.

Project Rescue

Business priorities and scope can change. Things take longer than anticipated or don’t work out as planned. The benefits case is being eroded. Morale drops. Often, a fresh perspective and an injection of new blood can help to refocus a struggling project. Our experienced consultants can quickly assess the health of a project and what it might take to get things back on track along with providing support to steer back in the right direction.

Our consultants conduct a structured review of the entire project landscape, starting with project requirements – are they clearly defined, agreed, realistic? Is the goal of the project clear? Is there the right degree of commitment at an executive level? How well is the project set up to achieve the requirements? The next area for assessment is the people – do the delivery teams have the right mixture of skills and experience to deliver the right value? Do they have the right commitment to the project? Are they aligned with the project goals? Do they work well as a team? Then deadlines are assessed – are they achievable? Are they realistic? Are priorities right or is there anything that can removed from scope? Then the risks, issues assumptions and dependencies are reviewed – is everything captured? Is everything under control? Is there anything which indicates the project is beyond recovery? Finally, the plan is re-baselined, taking into account any changes in scope, resources, deadlines and priorities. We can also help to implement the plan through our other offerings.


Need a helping hand crossing the final hurdle to ISO27001? Are you just getting started in your accreditations? Want to know what SOC2 is all about and if it is right for your business? You might even be trying to find how compliance fits into modern agile practices. Our team has done it all across multiple industries, from highly regulated to cutting-edge software houses. Their skills and experience at your disposal to enable you to reach your goals.

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